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Wine Dinner Featuring “Wines of Greece”

Wednesday, April 26th and Thursday, April 27th, 2017 |  7:00pm            Wine Dinner featuring the “Wines of Greece”    |   $60 per person   |   5 wines paired with 5 courses   |  Reservations Are Required

wine greeceFor this April’s wine dinner, we are heading to the beautiful Mediterranean to experience a taste of Greece.  The Greeks have been making wine for over 4000 years, so we decided it’s about time we place them in the spotlight!  From the native Greek varietals to the inspired menu, we are sure your palate will be pleased!

Stunning islands, domed white-washed houses set against the bluest waters, and ancient ruins are all images that come to mind when we think of Greece, but more significantly, may of the ideas that have flourished in the western world were born in ancient Greece.  The ancient Greeks tried to explain the world through the laws of nature, making valuable discoveries in math and science, developing democracy, and of course, valuing both beauty and creativity.  But what did they always have in hand when they gathered for intellectual conversation in an attempt to unearth these truths?  Wine, of course!  Yes, it all makes sense now. Perhaps our dinners are just  a gathering of intellectual genius accompanied by food and wine!

Well, we don’t know if we’ll uncover any of life’s secrets or make any scientific breakthroughs at our April wine dinner, but one thing is certain; we’ll gather around the table, have a great time and allow the conversation and the wine to flow!  We hope you can join us.




Ashley Esposito, Manager

Emilio Amato, Owner


Reception Wine: 



Course 1Tiger shrimp lightly seasoned and fried, topped with a lemon caper sauce

Paired with Alpha Estate Sauvignon Blanc, 2015

Course 2Horiatiki Salata of tomato, cucumber, red onion, olive, green pepper and feta, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, dried oregano, salt and pepper

Paired with Alpha Estate Malagouzia, 2014

Course 3Calamari sauteed in a white wine marinara sauce with garlic, served over capellini

Paired with Femina Malvasia, 2014

Course 4Grilled Lamb and pork souvlaki kebabs with onion and bell peppers served over roasted garlic and oregano potatoes

Paired with Dafnios Liatiko, 2013

Course 5Raspberry curd filled pastry, flourless chocolate torte and chocolate cigars

Paired with Alpha Estate Hedgehog Vineyards Xinomavro, 2012

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